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The Principles of Karate #10

(Adapted from Gichin Funakoshi’s Book, The Guiding Principles of Karate)

10.) Apply The Way Of Karate To All Things. Therein Lies Its Beauty.

One blow or one kick, given or taken, can mean life or death. According to Master Funakoshi, “This concept forms the soul of karate-do.”

As one trains for their black belt in Karate, there are many challenges to overcome…many ups and downs on one’s journey. But yet to be successful, the karateka or student of karate must persevere realizing that there is a price to be paid…a consistent discipline that must precede the accomplishment of earning that black belt.

If one approaches the various facets of life with this same spirit of seriousness and confidence, the student of karate realizes that all manner of challenges and hardships can be overcome.

The Master believed that, “When practitioners confront hardships with the attitude that their life is at stake, it will reveal to them what can be accomplished through their own abilities.”

“They will come to see the wonderful power that stems from polishing the mind and body through the Way of Karate and will recognize the exquisite beauty of this path.”

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