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Kick'n Karate Birthday Parties

at NEMA Dojo 

 NEMA Dojo Does Birthday Parties!

Guaranteed to be the Most Exciting Birthday Party Ever!

Looking for an awesome Birthday Party experience for your child?

Let NEMA Dojo host your next party!  


They grow up fast.  One moment your family is celebrating their first birthday…the next moment your child is blowing out five candles on their birthday cake.  Time goes by quickly!


And of course, like most parents, you want to savor those special moments…to enjoy the special times like birthdays.  


For many of us, that means planning a birthday party experience that you and your child will be talking about for weeks afterwards.


Finding the right location for your child’s next birthday party can be a challenge.  You want a fun experience…one that your child and their friends will be excited about and looking forward to.  


But it needs to be convenient, safe and not cost an arm and a leg. It also helps to know that the facility you choose has a track record and a system in place to ensure that everyone has a great time.

NEMA Dojo has the solution... KICKIN’ BIRTHDAY PARTIES!

“Kickin’ Birthday Parties” are our alternative to boring birthday parties.

Karate, Games, Board Breaking, & Samurai Sword Cake Cutting!

At NEMA Dojo, the birthday child and their friends learn exciting, high-energy Karate skills and self-defense techniques, play various games…and the birthday child can even cut their birthday cake with a real non-sharpened samurai sword (with very close supervision by our staff of course).  


We even have an option available where the birthday child and their friends can break some boards.  Don’t worry Mom, we teach them how and it’s very safe!


For over 20 years we have hosted numerous birthday parties at our studio.  The feedback has been extremely positive as both parents and kids have told us how much fun they had. 

All in all, the children have a super time…and you look like a “rock star” for choosing such a great event for your child’s party!


If this sounds like the right fit for your family, give us a call to discuss your child’s next birthday party!  Talk to Sensei Matthew or Sensei Marty to see how we can help you and your child have an awesome Kickin’ Birthday Party!

Schedule your child’s 

Kick’n Karate Birthday Party today!

CALL: 585-889-7330

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