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Nihon Bujitsu

Japanese Jujitsu, the fierce and highly effective fighting arts of the feared Samurai in feudal Japan, was comprised of several weapons including the sword (katana or bokken), the various staffs…short (Hanbo), mid (Jo) and long (Bo), the Kashi-no-bo (pocket stick) and the tanto (knife).


The study of Nihon Bujitsu provides the student the opportunity to develop a harmony of spirit, mind, and body and improve one’s mastery of self.  Although Bujitsu consists of empty hand training/defense, this program of study will concentrate on the weapons of the Samurai with an emphasis on the Sword.


The individual arts in our program include:


Kendo (Way of the sword), Kenjutsu (Art of the sword), Bojitsu (Art of the Bo Staff), Jojitsu (Art of the Jo Staff), Hanbo Jitsu (Art of the Hanbo or Short Staff), Koshi No Bo Jitsu (Art of the Pocket or Hand Stick), and Tanto Jitsu (Art of the Knife).


The Nihon Bujitsu Program at NEMA Dojo is open to teens and adult students and does not require any previous martial arts experience.  Karate style gi is the minimum dress required for the program, however, students may opt to wear the Hakama (black split skirt) and the Keikogi (dark blue top). 


Class times are listed below and Nihon Bujitsu students may attend both classes each week.  Rank testing will be administered similarly to the Karate program at NEMA.  Belt ranks follow the same color progression as the Karate program but do not include Advanced Green, Advanced Purple, etc.

Current class schedule:

Wednesday   7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Thursday         7:15 PM to 8:15 PM

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