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Kids Karate (ages 4 to 11 years)

Martial Arts can be a very healthy and exciting addition to the life of your child.  More and more parents are finding that their kids can have a fun, safe, and productive time by learning martial arts.


Our Juniors Karate Program will teach your children to focus on goals & objectives, increase their self-confidence and build their self-esteem while learning how to defend themselves.

It is so important to arm your child with the skills they need to be successful in life.  Our PATHWAY TO BLACK BELT curriculum provides young people with a system to grow their character as well as their leadership skills as they become more experienced.

Earning the Black Belt is one of the most empowering accomplishments a child can achieve.  It symbolizes excellence and provides a level of confidence that they will carry with them throughout their life.

And best of all kids love it!  Every student stays involved in each class…no sitting on the bench.  It’s a great outlet for their energy. 

Beginner classes are forming now! Call us about our one week Trial Program!

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