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Teen/Adult Karate

The Okinawan Karate-Do and Tode Jitsu program at NEMA Dojo is perfect for beginners.  Designed to help new martial art students expand their personal growth, this complete martial art program provides safe and fun training to develop effective self-defense skills.


Our Karate & Tode Jitsu program is a practical self-defense program that will teach you what you need to know to deal with both armed and unarmed assailants.  Through the proper execution of Karate and Tode Jitsu techniques, an individual can defeat a much larger attacker.


Not a sport or recreational karate program, our Karate & Tode Jitsu regimen is designed to impart to the student solid and highly effective self-defense skills as well as help the practitioner of the art improve their personal development.



Self-improvement includes both mental as well as physical aspects of personal growth.  Through the study of Karate at NEMA Dojo, one will increase their confidence and self-discipline, improve their focus and ability to set goals, develop a strong sense of accomplishment, positive attitude and well being.


On the physical level, students will develop better fitness level, become stronger, improve muscular and cardio endurance, improve balance and flexibility as well as increase balance and coordination.


Our “PATHWAY TO BLACK BELT” curriculum is a very unique blend of Isshin Ryu, Shorinji Ryu, Shurite Kempo, Tuite, and Jujitsu.  Although based largely on Isshin Ryu techniques, our highly effective self-defense art includes elements from other forms to make it more complete.


Beginner classes are forming now.  Call us about our one week Trial Program!

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