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Here's what our Students have to say!



Shihan Marty Noel and the Northeastern Martial Arts (NEMA) staff do a fantastic job working students who range in age from young kids to older adults.  NEMA affords its students the ability to learn a variety of self-defense systems, which are based in traditional Okinawan style karate, but also include more modern self-defense close quarter fighting methods and weapon training!  I would highly recommend training at NEMA!!


- Tom S.


Mine has been a very positive learning experience at Northeastern Martial Arts.  I have studied Karate, JuJitsu, and Tai Chi there along with my wife and children who have studied as well.  Sensei Marty brings 40 plus years of martial arts experience to the table, and with his two sons, Sensei's Matthew and Aaron, are always willing to help and are great teachers as well.  I would definitely recommend NEMA Dojo to my friends and family.


- Rick A.


The staff and Senseis are very helpful and friendly while providing a great learning environment.  NEMA offers a wide range of martial arts for everyone, from cardio and fitness oriented, to tactical and self-defense. I have been studying here for many years and will continue for many more!


- Evan E.


The staff members at Northeastern Martial Arts are fantastic!  They make learning fun and rewarding.  Their whit and humor help to encourage diligent and consistent training.  I am proud to attend this local dojo with my husband, as well as our four children, and we look forward to tackling the challenges ahead.


- Chelsea Z.


Highly recommended NEMA!  My son (7 years old) has been attending NEMA for almost a year now and is still loving it.  He loves everything about this institute, especially his Sensei’s – Matt and Aaron - as they create such a fun learning experience for him.  He also really likes NEMA’s “Parents Night Out” events, in which he gets to spend an extra 3 hours per month to do fun activities with his Sensei’s and classmates.


- My N.


I started training under Shihan Noel as a 6-year birthday gift from my parents. It was the gift that keeps giving even to this day.  Shihan Noel didn't just teach me how to defend myself or look pretty while doing kicks and punches, he taught me how to deal with everyday situations in life through the study of Martial Arts. Even though an individual's journey in learning never truly ends, I can say, I am a very proud Black belt and truly honored to have earned the title of Sensei by Shihan Noel.  NEMA Dojo is not only a place to learn, but it also is a place to meet life long friends.

 Don’t be shy, just go check the place out, they will be very happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.


- Thomas H.



It was always an ambition of mine to train at NEMA Dojo ever since I moved to the area as a young boy. This year I was finally able to enroll and it truly has been nothing short of transformative. All instructors, as well as their students, are incredible teachers who share in the path of self-improvement, discipline, and actualization. Apart from all that, this dojo fosters an amazing sense of camaraderie and community while equipping its members with the necessary skills to defend themselves and their loved ones.

 NEMA truly is a fantastic dojo in which gets your fist through the door of martial arts while giving you the proper guidance and courage to walk the path of a protector.If you're looking for a place of growth, strength and expression, this is it.


- Thai N.

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