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Kids get it all at NEMA Dojo!

A Well-Rounded Curriculum With Self-Defense as Well as Good Healthy Exercise in a Fun and Exciting Class!

Northeastern Martial Arts instructors are trained professionals that excel at teaching the character building traits that result from developing a “Black Belt” attitude. Along the journey from beginner white belt to black belt – our students grow their confidence, focus, discipline, self-control and perseverance to name a few.

We maintain a staff of highly skilled, thoroughly educated adult professionals. They are in constant pursuit of excellence to give your child the very best in martial arts education.

Our Children Develop Into Winners in Life!

Consistent practice pays off. NEMA Dojo classes are filled with fun and excitement. Your child will find his or her self actively participating and looking forward to their next class. And workouts are easier to do when they are fun.

Our “PATHWAY TO BLACK BELT” Kids Program develops physical strength and fitness while stimulating their mind to develop confidence, self discipline, self worth as well as develop a POWERFUL WILL. Imagine developing personal value, strong self esteem and a personal belief system that allows a student to become unstoppable in pursuit of their healthy life purpose.

NEMA Dojo’s “PATHWAY TO BLACK BELT” program was designed as a personal development system as well as a self-defense system. Even after a few classes, you can see positive changes that allow your child to be the best version of themselves.

Your Child Does Not Become A Success By Accident!

At NEMA Dojo, these combined physical and character foundations help children excel in their academic life, sports, and social environment. It ensures that they will have the self-confidence to make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure. They will be leaders, not followers. Our Program is DIFFERENT than TEAM SPORTS because NO ONE sits on the BENCH. At Northeastern Martial Arts Institute, every child is active in the classroom setting.

Imagine what it would be like having your child develop the skills required to be successful in life. Picture this:

  • Your child having overwhelming self-confidence to handle negative peer pressure and bullies with growing ease and communication skills.

  • Your child becoming a respectful young individual.

  • The assurance of knowing your child is physically fit and healthy.

  • Having your child’s grades and attitude continuously improving.

  • Your child knowing in their core, that they can achieve any worthy goal if they put their mind to it because they have conquered multiple goals on their journey to Black Belt.

Sounds great, right?!

Our staff is extremely talented in bringing the best out of your child and children really love positive people that contribute to their lives.

Northeastern Martial Arts teaches your child modern and traditional techniques in a way that allows them to learn these martial art skills in just two classes a week. We created this fun and efficient program to help students get the most effective results in a short timeline.

The PATHWAY TO BLACK BELT curriculum is a unique blend of blocking, striking and kicking techniques combined with take downs, throws, ground grappling and trapping techniques taught in a safe and fun environment. We have spent years (since 1979 actually) developing a well-rounded curriculum.

We Reinforce Moral Values With Lessons To Develop Greater Character.

Strong character is one of the most admired traits in a human being. Have you ever wondered how some people have developed personal strength and some people not so much? How does that happen? There are several answers to that question including our upbringing, genetics, environment, personality, etc. However, the system we teach at NEMA is one of the most empowering accomplishments a youth can ever undertake. As a child achieves their Black Belt at NEMA Dojo their character grows stronger.

Our mission at Northeastern Martial Arts is to assist parents in shaping their child’s mind and body. Every class is packed not only with fun action movements to develop character, but also mindful lessons in character like courage, self respect, discipline and self-discipline.

Northeastern Martial Arts is the right place for your child.

Make the best choice for your child and join us at Northeastern Martial Arts. Whether your goal is to help your child become a success, learn how to defend themselves, build their confidence or get in shape, Northeastern Martial Arts is the right place for your child.

That is why Northeastern Martial Arts exists – it’s all about helping our youth live their life to the fullest and reaching their maximum potential through the martial arts.

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