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The Principles of Karate #7

(Adapted from Gichin Funakoshi’s Book, The Guiding Principles of Karate)

7.) Calamity Springs From Carelessness

“Carelessness – a great enemy; the flames leap higher and higher.”

(Japanese proverb)

This principle, calamity springs form carelessness, can certainly be applied to many facets of life.

A majority of traffic accidents are due to carelessness. At work, a bit of

sloppiness can undo exhaustive research and preparation, resulting in inconsistencies or an inability to obtain the anticipated results.

The same is true in war, whether in a battle involving armies or in individual combat. Careless preparation, or outright negligence, is a clear formula for disaster.

And of course, applied to ones Karate training, we must not be careless in our ongoing effort to seek the next level in our journey to Black Belt. Rather, focus on always doing the best you are capable of.

As a student of Karate, we should stay mindful of our goal…to obtain mastery of the art as well as mastery of ourselves. This only comes through focused effort. Be consistent and attentive in your daily practice.

As Master Funakoshi says, “To prevent our efforts from going up in flames, we should constantly examine our actions and be cautious about our methods, being ever mindful that ‘calamity springs from carelessness.’ ”

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